Need a Ride? Call us at (360) 738-4554
Health Care Authority uses NWRC to provide non-emergency transportation to Medicaid eligible recipients. Please give at least two full business days' notice for requests. 

Bus passes in Whatcom and Skagit counties

If you are able to ride the bus to your medical, dental, or counseling appointments NWRC can purchase your bus pass. Please use these forms to request a Paratransit or fixed route pass for either Whatcom or Skagit Counties.

Gas vouchers and reimbursement forms

If you have a vehicle or a friend/family member to drive you, please review our handout on gas vouchers. When arranging gas vouchers with our office please send in (either email, fax or in person) a copy of the driver's license, vehicle registration, and a copy of the vehicles current insurance. If one of our contracted gas stations is not on your route, we can approve mileage reimbursement. Please review the reimbursement form for guidelines. All trips must be approved in advance, please contact our call center before your appointment. We can also reimburse for ferry tickets, parking, lodging, etc. with prior approval.

Forms for doctor offices

You may live on a bus line but unable to ride the Paratransit or fixed route buses due to mobility issues, in which case your doctor can complete the "Higher Mode" form and fax it to our office. If you need to travel out of your county to seek care, we will need the referring doctor to submit the "Out of Area" form. If you are leaving the local area for an appointment and will need accommodations before or after your appointment, please have the medical office or social worker complete the Lodging Request Form.

After-hours transportation assistance

If you need a ride home from the Emergency Room and our office is closed, please have the medical staff contact (360) 733-8294. We cannot transport you to the ER, but we can return you home. We can take you to Urgent Care in lieu of a visit to the ER. All other trips must be pre-arranged through our office.