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– What is Aging & Disability Resources?
What kinds of services are available for seniors and people with disabilities?
What is the easiest way for me to find out about services?
Aging & Disability and/or Senior Information & Assistance Locations

What is Aging & Disability Resources?

Since 1978, the NWRC Senior Information & Assistance program has been helping seniors and their families access a wide range of public and private resources. In 2011 our program expanded to include serving individuals of all ages needing long term care information and support.  Our goal as Aging & Disability Resources is to support the independence, dignity, and health of older adults and people with disabilities. Our services are free of charge to adults age 60 and over, people with disabilities, and to friends and family members on their behalf.

Staff are available to meet with you on the telephone, or if necessary, in person. Please call for an appointment. All information is handled in a confidential and private manner.

Please call or email our office to make an appointment.

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What kinds of services are available for seniors and people with disabilities?

Accessing services and programs that assist older adults and people with disabilities can be confusing. You may need guidance in finding the information and programs that meet your individual needs. Aging & Disability Resources can provide you with information about many services and options, such as:

  • In-Home Care
    Detailed information and guidance on obtaining in-home support services for seniors and people with disabilities who need assistance with housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and personal care. This includes a list of individuals and agencies who provide care privately and through state-funded programs such as COPES, Medicaid Personal Care, and Developmental Disabilities Waivers.
  • Medical Insurance
    The latest information on medical and dental coverage for seniors, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medigap policies, Medicare Prescription Drug coverage.
  • Medicaid
    Information about Medicaid coverage and the application process.
  • Caregiver Support
    Programs that support the family caregiver by providing respite services, consultation, and information on meeting the caregiver’s needs.
  • Housing
    Lists of retirement residences, property management companies, publicly-subsidized apartments, and mobile home parks appropriate for older adults.
  • Long-term Care Options
    A comprehensive list of boarding homes, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, nursing homes, and respite care facilities.
  • General Resources
    Information about accessing a wide variety of services and programs such as property tax deferrals, powers of attorney, living wills, advance directives, transportation, and parking permits for persons with disabilities.
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What is the easiest way for me to find out about services?

Your first call should be to the Senior Information & Assistance or Aging & Disability Resources (see below) program in your area. You can also check out our online Aging & Disability Resources section for more information.

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Aging & Disability Resources
(previously known as Senior Information & Assistance)

Senior Information & Assistance AND Aging & Disability Resources Locations

  • ISLAND COUNTY (Senior Information & Assistance Program)


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