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NWRC Medicaid Transportation Call Center
Email: Contact Us
Voice: 360-738-4554 (in Whatcom County)
1-800-860-6812 (in other counties and Pt. Roberts)
1-800-585-6749 (in other counties and Pt. Roberts)
Fax: 360-734-5476 or 360-734-5446
Other Helpful Phone Numbers for Transportation
- Medicaid Transportation Vendors / Community Partners


The Health Care Authority (HCA) contracts with NWRC as a broker to provide Medicaid transportation. It is non-ambulance transportation to all people eligible for Medicaid who have no other means of transportation to covered medical services. The NWRC serves as the broker for these services by authorizing and arranging transportation for people eligible for Medicaid in Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom Counties. As the broker, the NWRC assures that the transportation authorized is the “most appropriate, least costly” method for providing the service. In order to assure a cost-effective program, transportation is only arranged for the “nearest provider of type.” In other words, if an appropriate doctor is available near a person’s home, the NWRC cannot authorize transportation to a doctor out of the area, even if the person might prefer it.

A variety of transportation options are available in order to appropriately meet individual needs. Transportation assistance options include transit passes for public transportation, gas vouchers for use of personal vehicles, intercity buses (such as Greyhound), taxi, paratransit service, cabulance service, ferry tickets, and, especially in San Juan County, air and water taxi service. The NWRC has a variety of contract arrangements with many transportation vendors to provide Medicaid transportation.

Examples of situations in which transportation is arranged by the NWRC broker include multiple trips each week for kidney dialysis treatment, regular trips for pre-natal visits, trips for nursing home residents to a hospital for surgery or treatment, trips from this region to the Seattle-area for specialized treatment of children with significant health problems, and doctor’s appointments for a variety of illnesses or chronic conditions.

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Anyone who is eligible for Medicaid and has a Medicaid Provider One Identification Card (medical coupon) may be eligible for transportation assistance if they meet the following criteria:

  1. they have no other way to reach their medical care, and
  2. the service they need transportation for is covered by their individual Medicaid program.
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Accessing Medicaid Transportation

Customer Services Representatives (CSRs) at the NWRC office are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday to receive calls from people who need transportation to covered medical appointments. After hours or on the weekends an answering machine will take messages about requests for upcoming trips. People should call at least two business days before their medical appointment. All calls are toll free.

When making a request, people will provide information to NWRC Customer Service Representatives about their Medicaid eligibility, type of trip needed, and other transportation resources available. NWRC CSRs will then authorize and arrange the lowest cost, most appropriate form of transportation for the particular trip requested.

Transportation Customer Service Representatives:
Voice: 360-738-4554 (in Whatcom County)
1-800-860-6812 (in other counties and Pt. Roberts)
1-800-585-6749 (in other counties and Pt. Roberts)
Fax:  360-734-5476 or 360-734-5446

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